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Medicaid is a federal assistance program that provides medical care payments for people unable to cover those expenses on their own. Medicaid is a comprehensive program, providing benefits to cover doctors’ services, hospital care, medications, medical supplies/equipment, and other necessary services once an individual has been deemed eligible. Medicaid may also pay for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care.

At the elder law offices of Michael H. Erde, P.C., Mr. Erde focuses his attention on elder law issues like Medicaid planning. He takes the time to get to know his clients and their situations in order to ensure that their needs are met. Michael H. Erde takes on the planning for you, taking the worry off of your shoulders.

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Through financial planning and assistance from an elder law attorney that understands the laws governing Medicaid and federal benefits, you may qualify for Medicaid benefits that will cover your potential stay in a nursing home or care center. Nursing homes can be extremely expensive, easily costing thousands of dollars a month. Medicaid payments will allow you to focus on your health and well-being instead of worrying about the bills.

Because many elder individuals need to restructure assets in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance, it is important to know their rights and understand eligibility for the program. Mr. Erde helps his clients distribute and preserve assets in a way that does not jeopardize government benefits like Medicaid. This can be extremely helpful when extensive medical care, hospitalization, or nursing home residency is required.



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