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Probate is a public process and personal information could be accessible to anyone. It happens at a very emotional time for the family, when they are grieving for a lost loved one. As probate lawyers, our goal is to help you move speedily and comprehensively through the probate process with the least amount of worry.

As the administrator, trustee or executor, it is to your advantage to receive guidance for this process from an experienced probate attorney. At Michael H. Erde, P.C., Michael H. Erde understands and stays informed of the changes in the probate laws so that he can help you feel safe and secure as you go through the probate process.  He prides himself in not just his knowledge in probate law, but also because he is an attorney that will be compassionate about a difficult time in you and your loved ones’ lives.

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Probate Litigation – Will Contests and Intestate Succession

The estate must be opened up at court; a great deal of information must be gathered together, including information about assets, bills, and taxes.  Assets must be distributed to all to whom it is due. This must happen in accordance with the Illinois probate laws.

Move Through Probate Speedily. Confidently. Comprehensively.
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Michael H. Erde 

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We will help you as the personal representative, administrator, or executor of an estate through all of the stages of probate. We will do this speedily, thoroughly, and compassionately.

Some of the probate-related issues that he confidently handles include:

  • Contesting the will
  • When more than one will exists
  • Ancillary probate
  • Claims against the estate
  • Transferring assets
  • Representing executors and administrators
  • Tax issues
  • Small estates

He represents executors, administrators,  and trustees in probate or trust matters throughout Cook, Lake, and DuPage Counties of Illinois.


Mr. Erde will also help persons seeking guardianships to protect the rights of an older loved one.  In some cases, an elderly individual may not be able to effectively care for himself or herself and is left with an inability to make decisions. His firm assists clients seeking a guardianship over an adult in order to ensure that their health and well-being are protected. By securing a guardianship, a family member or other trusted individual can be charged with making medical decisions on behalf of the individual (called a ward). He can assist you in pursuing the guardianship and dealing with other aspects of elder law, including Medicaid planning and arranging finances to allow for nursing home care if necessary.